KickFire Website Reporting

KickFire analytics are available for your website to keep track of visitor information. You can review the number of visitors to the website by day/week/month/year, as well as review the most popular pages visited on your website. These, along with a number of other handy tools, will assist in optimizing your website!

To get started, select the Apps drop-down at the top of the screen and go to your Business Intelligence app. From here, select the KickFire option.


This will load in the KickFire analytics page, along with all the options to review the various reports available for your website. You can immediately view the number of visitors you've had in the past week, as well as how they arrived on your website.


The traffic sources info-graphic breaks down whether a visitor typed in the domain, found it via a search engine, or if it was from a referral link (basically a hyperlink from another website, i.e. You can also review if you have any active visitors on the site when checking your KickFire reporting!


From the page that loads, you can review what pages your active visitors are currently on, as well as the pages they've viewed since visiting your site.


When you click on a specific active visitor, it'll give real time updates on where they're going on your website and how they got there.


You can click on the StatCaster as well to open a separate window with the above tracking capabilities; that way you can review your active visitors while working on other projects.


Alerts can be created to send you email notifications when certain conditions are met. 


You can setup an alert when a certain page is visited, like a featured search page, as well as a number of other conditions. This is great for allowing you to log in in and review where the current visitor is on your site and what pages they've been on.


The Website Summary is the meat of your reporting. Here you can get the reporting breakdown for the different aspects of your website. 


 Each of these reports covers a variety of important information on things like where your traffic is coming from, the geographic areas of the people viewing your website, popular pages, and even what browsers are most used when viewing your website.

KickFire Analytics gives in-depth reporting to help you see how your website is performing. With the varied reporting tools, you can easily be more proactive in managing your website!

Have Questions? Just Ask! Our Support Team can be reached at 866-774-2947 or by email at!


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