Monthly Newsletter

These newsletters will go out on the first Thursday of the month. A week before the newsletter is scheduled to go out, users will receive an email notification alerting them that the newsletter is available for them to preview and customize.


Each month will provide content that will be automatically scheduled and ready to deliver. Users must be logged in, and have access to Email Marketing, in order to use the new functionality. For initial implementation, this will be limited to agent account levels.

There will be different levels of engagement for users. After enrolling your contacts into the Monthly Newsletter campaign you will be able to set the campaign to send automatically and let it run in the background. Or you can make the Monthly Newsletter their own by adding customization and sending it at the perfect time!

Users will be able to set their newsletter preferences and enroll their contacts in the newsletter campaign. When a newsletter is scheduled and available for review, users will be able to edit the newsletter content.

More information about the newsletter schedule, setting preferences and enrolling contacts is detailed below.

A new page has been added to Email Marketing called Monthly Newsletters. Users will be able to access the new page from the Email Marketing section of the main app menu:



The new Monthly Newsletter page will be organized into three sections:

  1. Newsletter Settings
  2. Preview/Edit Newsletter
  3. Newsletter Recipients

Newsletter page when there are no newsletters currently: 


When a newsletter is ready to review and edit:


Newsletter Settings

Under the Newsletter Settings section there will be four options:


Newsletter Settings

  • Send Notification For Newsletter
    • Users will be able to opt into receiving email notifications when a newsletter is available to edit. A follow up email will be sent to the user to let them know the newsletter was delivered to the recipients who are enrolled in the Newsletter campaign. This is turned on by default.
  • Send Newsletter Automatically
    • The newsletter will be sent automatically on behalf of the user on the day the newsletter has been scheduled for (the first Thursday of the month). A user can choose to send the newsletter manually by turning this setting off and sending the newsletter at any time until the next newsletter is available. This is turned on by default.
  • Automatically Enroll All New Leads
    • This setting will auto-enroll all new leads from a Connect/LeadStreet website,,, Lead Gator and Zillow Tech Connect into the Monthly Newsletter. This will not automatically enroll manually entered contacts. Users will need to enroll manually entered contacts by using the Newsletter Recipients section. This is turned off by default.
  • Add ‘Recent Activity Near You’ To Newsletter
    • This will add a chart of recent home sale activity to each newsletter. This activity will be based upon the newsletter recipient’s location and will only be included if there is enough location information in the recipient's profile. This widget cannot be edited but users can view an example of this activity by previewing the email. This recent home sale activity chart is the same one used for the automated Home Seller Report. This is turned on by default.


Starting point when there are no newsletters:



When a newsletter is ready to review and edit:



 Monthly Newsletter Preview email when a newsletter is ready for review and to be personalized:



 Monthly Newsletter Alert email when a newsletter has been sent:




Preview/Edit Newsletter

When a newsletter is available, the user will be able to review and customize it in this section. When a newsletter has been manually sent, the Save and Send Now buttons will be disabled until the next newsletter is available. When a newsletter has been automatically sent, the Save button will be disabled until the next newsletter is available.

The ‘Recent Activity Near You’ widget will not be editable within the WYSIWYG. It will display when previewing the newsletter.


When Send Newsletter Automatically is set to ‘Yes’, the agent will only need to customize and Save Changes:



When Send Newsletter Automatically is set to ‘No’, the Send Now button is enabled to allow the user to send the newsletter manually:



If the user has opted to send the newsletter manually, but there are no recipients enrolled, the Send Now button is disabled until recipients have been added:



After the user has sent the newsletter manually, Save Changes and Send Now will be disabled to prevent sending the same newsletter twice to recipients enrolled in the campaign:



Newsletter Recipients

Users will be able to select newsletter recipients from their Contact Manager and enroll them into the Monthly Newsletter campaign. The system will respect unsubscribed contacts, and will not send to contacts who have opted-out of receiving email messages from the user. Users will be able to search by contact name, email and contact category. You will also be able to select and enroll multiple contacts into the campaign at once. Unsubscribed contacts will appear grayed out and will not be able to select. Users will be able to exclude unsubscribed contacts and contacts who are already enrolled in the campaign from their search.


Search contacts to enroll in campaign:



After enrolling contacts, the count updates showing how many contacts are currently enrolled in the campaign, notated by a blue envelope:



To view contacts currently enrolled, search by ‘Exclude Unsubscribed Contacts’:



Monthly Newsletter Page Notifications

At the top of the Monthly Newsletter Page there will be notifications alerting agents to the status of the newsletter campaign. When there are no contacts enrolled in the campaign, the user will be lead to the Newsletter Recipients section. The notifications will also let you know when the email will be automatically sent out or when it was sent out.



New Message Library Category

There will also be a new message category called “Newsletters”, in which all the Newsletters will be stored within the Message Library after they have been delivered. This will allow the user to reuse the newsletter content in their own customized drip marketing campaigns.




Re-send A Newsletter

If a user forgot to enroll some contacts in time for a particular newsletter, they will be able to re-send the newsletter to those contacts from the Send Email page. You will need to select the recipients, select Use Saved Message and choose the newsletter from the drop down list.


 Have Questions? Just Ask! Our Support Team can be reached at 866-774-2947 or by email at!

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