Adding Pages and Content to Your Website

To add pages to your website, select Pages from the Website section of the main menu:



Customize text, links, and images on every webpage on your website in an editor similar to Microsoft Word. Adding custom pages to your website not only makes it more professional-looking but also helps separate you from your competitors with unique information for you and your business in a way that is personal to you.

Editing, Adding, and Deleting Pages

To add a new page, click on the Add New button.


Step 1: Select a Page Type

You will be prompted to choose what kind of page you would like to create. A Basic Page, Template Page, Form Page, or a Recruitment Page for Office and Multi-Office accounts.



Step 2: Add Page Information

Here you will fill out the basic page information including the name and URL for the page.



*Helpful Hint: When naming your page, to help with SEO, add dashes instead of spaces.


Step 3: Optimize SEO

You have the ability to optimize the following SEO information during page creation:

  • Title
  • Keywords
  • Meta-Tag Description


Confirmation Page



Your new page will then appear in the Page Manager under the name that you specified.


You will see the gear icon next to all of the custom pages that you create.


After you have created the page, you can now add content to it by clicking on the Manage Content button. you can edit any page in the Page Manager, including stock pages, with this tool


The page should open in another tab or a new window.


**Helpful Hint: If the page is opening up in the same window, and you can't get back to the Page Manager, adjust your browser's New Page settings to specify that you want the link to open in a new tab or window for easier editing options.


The orange Edit buttons indicate what can be customized within that page.




From here, click on the Edit button at the top right of the section you would like to edit. Another window should open with the content in what we call the WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get).



You have many different ways to add and edit the content that you would like on your page. If you have ever used Microsoft Word, this should be fairly easy to use.

You can add photos with custom sizing.



You can change the font preferences, type, size, color, highlight color, and style.



You can add and edit tables.



You can add and remove hyperlinks.



You can adjust paragraph settings.



And so much more!


If you have the HTML format of the content that you would like to add to the page (which is the purest form of information), you have that option as well. Follow the same steps of editing a page, but when you get to the WYSIWYG, click on the code review button.




Don't forget to hit save.png when you are done adding the content that you would like.


You should see what you have added to the page, as it will show on your live website, you will also see a message that verifies that you have saved correctly.


To delete a page, click on the gear icon then Delete Page. You can only delete custom pages, not stock pages from the Account.




Want to add the page to your website? Please see our article, Adding a Page to Your Website for more detailed instructions.



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