301 Custom Redirect

What is it?

A 301 redirect is a permanent redirect from one URL to another. If you are wanting to redirect search engine or website traffic from an existing site to another, you would use a 301 redirect. This can be used if you are switching from one website to another, switching to a new domain name, or if you would like to redirect traffic to a specific page on your current website.

Why is it important?

It’s important as we have many brands, such as Number1Expert, Advanced Access, and Agent Advantage, that are converting to Connect. Some of these websites have been around for many years soaking up placement on Google or have paid for SEO placement and were able to speed up their ranking on Google, either way, we certainly want to keep that achieved Google placement. Homes Connect does not want to do a disservice to you by penalizing (so-to-speak) for switching to Homes Connect without establishing the 301 redirects.

Ideally, a 301 redirect should be used before the primary website goes down. If you have moved the domain name recently, you may luck-out and find a Google cache version or the very least, find the site on If not, the content is lost and will need to be recreated from scratch. If this is the case, the SEO ranking will most likely be lost as well.


How should it be used?

Log into the Dashboard, open My Applications and select the Website App:


From the Advanced Settings on the right of the page, click on 301 Custom Redirect:

The next screen will allow you to physically establish the links:

Next, you will want to add in the old URL and the new corresponding URL:

Once all of the 301 redirects have been established, they will show on the bottom:


Tip to find indexed pages on Google.

Go to Google and search “”. Be sure to not add a space between the colon and the domain name. Note that you don’t have to put in the “http://www.”. This will pull up all the pages that Google has indexed for the current website at the domain. These are the pages that will need to be recreated in Homes Connect (If needed), and the 301 redirect links established. The more pages that are carried over and redirected will be better for retaining the SEO rankings.

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