Customize Your Featured Searches

*Note: This Feature is only for clients that have a Connect Website*


Within the Listings Application, the “Featured Searches” option is listed under the Quick Actions side menu:


And that will bring you into the Featured Searches Setup screen:


This section will allow you to make changes or adjustments to existing Featured Searches, such as price ranges, additional property types, cities and even counties. You can also rearrange the priority on which Featured Search will be first.

How to edit a Featured Search:

You can simply click the pencil tool icon to go into “edit mode” and make any needed changes:

This screen will contain tabs located at the top of the page, and a Editor for you to rename the Featured Search. A tab that’s important is the second tab called “search” as this will allow you to completely customize the search parameters to your liking.


Want to have a search by keyword?

No Problem!

You can enter a keyword like Pool or Waterfront and have it search the MLS for those listings that match.


If you have more than one keyword that you would like to have the Featured Search application search, set multiple Keywords by separating them with a comma. Visitors to the website have the option to search by multiple keywords as well:

Also, you may want to customize the Featured Searches main image to represent properties in your area and can be changed under the “images” tab. You will need to have a image that you own saved to your computer, then you will have the option to browse for the new image through this section:

Once any changes are made, please click SAVE!

You will also be able to manually add non-active listings into your Dashboard to create a custom search of sold or off the market property types. This option can be set up under the “Listing Status” type when customizing a Featured Search. 

 For more about Featured Searches, please see Article: Listings Application FAQ - Featured Searches Edition

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