What does the Business Intelligence Application do?

 Business Intelligence

View reports from your website on screen, or choose to export to XML, CSV, PDF, web archive, Microsoft Excel file, TIFF file, or Microsoft Word file

 Lead Report

- Lead summary from your website and syndication efforts.

Lead report allows you to view the source of leads to the site over time.

Direct Traffic is traffic for which the lead typed your URL directly into their browser.

Referral Sources include links from other sites, directories as well as our listing export partners and

Search Engine Referrals are people who find your site directly from a search engine will be tallied here.

The lead report will give you the URL of specific referral links used, and the number of times it is used within week, month, and year time frames. It will also tell you if a referral source is a syndication partner.


 Home Seller Report

- Showcase the work you've done to market the listing for your home seller.

Home Seller reports allow you to track the views of listings. By comparing the date column with the name, phone, and email columns, you can see who looked at which listing when.

You can also use this feature to track the popularity of a listing against price changes for the listing, and compare its views with those of other listings.

It allows agents to tell there sellers how many people have looked at their listing through the agents website.


- Analytics about requests in your website.

This Report allows you to track lead requests for given time periods.

Account activation is when the registration options require the users to verify their email address before login.

Contact Us Requests shows the number of people who filled out Contact us forms.

Lead Grading Threshold Change shows how many people have been reassigned a lead priority.

Login shows the number of logins made by users.

Neighborhood Report Request shows the number of users who have requested Neighborhood Reports (from the buyers tab).

Neighborhood Valuation Report Request shows the number of people who have requested neighborhood values reports (from the sellers tab).

Schedule a Showing shows the number of people who requested a showing.

Sign ups shows the number of people who Register with the site for the first time.



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