Utilizing the Home Tracker and Buyer Profiles

What is the My Home Tracker?

The My Home Tracker allows home buyers access to create an account within your Connect website to have listings automatically emailed to them from the MLS based on saved search criteria. The buyer will be able to view any saved listings and searches, with the added benefit of sharing their favorite listings on social media. The My Home Tracker accounts will be unique to your Connect website, and the user will not be able to access the account through any other Connect websites.

Once a home buyer creates their My Home Tracker account and returns to your site and logs in, you will be sent an email notification informing you that the user is on your site, actively looking for homes. (Hint: you should probably call them for assistance.)

Additionally, you will be able to log into your Connect Dashboard and actually see what listings your client has viewed, how often they have viewed them, and the total times viewed. You can revamp the search parameters at the home buyer’s request during your buyer tours. You will also be able to log directly into your customer’s My Home Tracker accounts with them, to remind them that your Connect website will be the only website that they will need in their home search process.

**If you are using a Classic website template, it is highly encouraged to change to a Fusion template for mobile friendliness and compatibility, as the Classic themes are NOT mobile friendly!**

To change your website’s template to a Fusion theme, click here.

How does the My Home Tracker work?

When a new visitor lands on your Connect website, there will be two ways that they can create a My Home Tracker account. The first way will be from the “silhouette icon” that will display at the top right corner of the home page.

When The second way will be from searching the IDX and saving that search or any listing from the search by clicking on the heart icon.

My Home Tracker Icons:

Fusion Templates:

Classic Templates:


 Search results page:


Listing Detail Page:

Saved Listing:

The Home Tracker will allow a prospective client to create their account with ease by using their login information from social media, or the by-pass in favor of a generic sign up form.

Fusion Templates:

Classic Templates:

If the client uses their social media credentials to create their My Home Tracker account, you will be capturing their real email address and can help reduce “spam.”

Once the home buyer has created their My Home Tracker account, they can start searching for listings right away.

Note: You will need to have your IDX connected through your MLS to have the local listings populate. If you don’t have IDX connected, the home buyer will only be able to see your listings. For assistance with getting the IDX connected, please refer to: Set Up An IDX Search On Your Website.

 Fusion Template Search Page:

Classic Template Search Page:

Once the prospective client has created and saved the search, they can have listings emailed to them whenever they like based off of their search criteria:

 Fusion Templates:

Classic Templates:

Once a prospective client finds a listing they like, they can save the listing to in their My Home Tracker profile, email the listing to anyone they want, or share the listing on social media.

Fusion Templates:


Classic Templates:

The home buyers will be able to save the search parameters, allowing greater flexibility when accessing the same search at a later date.

You will be sent an email notification when a new profile has been created; you will be able to see exactly what the client has viewed, what they have searched for, and have access to administration options (ability to change the UN/PW, and email frequencies).

Email notification:

You will see the new lead show in the Leads &Contacts gadget on the Dashboard’s home page:


My Home Tracker on a tablet or mobile device:

Tablet View:

Mobile Phone:

Behind the Scenes - How to See the Saved Content

To see what searches or listings your home buyers have saved, you will need to login to your Connect account. Once you are logged in, you can access the contact in two ways.

The easiest way will be from within the Leads & Contacts gadget on the Dashboard by clicking on the name of the contact:


The second way will be to access your Leads and Contacts application from Apps menu at the top of the screen:


In the application menu, select “Contact Manager.”


Once you have located the contact, you will be able to see the contact’s information by clicking on their name.  

Within the contact section, you will see several tabs located going down the page. Within these tabs you will be able to see the saved listings, the saved searches, and more. 

The contacts contact information is displayed along the top of the screen, along with shortcuts to create different reports e.g. CMA/Buyer Tour/Neighborhood Report etc.

The Activity Timeline tab will allow you to see the home buyers login activity, as well as any requests for reporting or listing information.

The Manage Contact Info tab will allow you to access the home buyer’s login information, or to create a new My Home Tracker account for your future home buyers.

The Properties tab allows you to see the saved listings. The addresses of the properties will be links to the listings on your Connect website. This section will let you track the dates on when the listing was first saved.

The Buyer Profile tab will allow you to see the home buyer’s saved searches, or to create a new search. To learn more about this section, please read about Buyer Profiles.

The Campaigns tab will allow you to see which email drip campaigns the contact is enrolled into and, which campaigns are completed or cancelled. To learn more about this section, please read about the Email Marketing Application.

How to be proactive with your contacts while using the My Home Tracker
One of the major benefits of the Connect website and the My Home Tracker is the mobile friendliness that it offers to your customers when searching for properties. Having a tool for buyers that is easy to use and to understand, and that can be accessed at any time will keep them coming back. These tools can be used by you, too, even if the buyer has never even visited your Connect website.

As a real estate professional, you will need to be comfortable with how your website functions to better show it off to your buyers. You will need to constantly remind them at all times that your website is the best place for them to search for listings (because it is).

As such, here’s a scenario that you may commonly encounter and how to work the lead using the My Home Tracker and Buyer Profiles - a first time home buyer.

(This scenario can be used with any buyer, really.)

Depending on where you meet the contact - at an open house, at your local coffee shop, or as a lead through your products with - you can start the process when the lead is in your Contacts section. If the lead isn’t in your Contacts section, you can manually add it or import your contacts.

In the contact section for your lead, click on the Add New tab to create the My Home Tracker account by using their email address as the username and make up a simple password.

Next, you will need to call the contact to set up an appointment to talk about real estate. Let’s say that you decide to meet the new home buyer at your corner coffee shop. What you can do to be proactive is to create the My Home Tracker account before the appointment. If you don’t have an email address at this time, don’t worry, you can ask for it when you meet the contact and create the account.

When you meet the contact at the coffee shop for your appointment and you’re getting to know the contact, ask about what types of properties they are interested in. At this time, pull out your tablet device or mobile phone and either create a My Home Tracker account on the spot, or show them the account that you created for them on your on website, and that they can use in their home buying search with you.

Explain to the buyer that they can save any search or listing and compare later. Have them enter their search parameters based off of your conversation and get them to save a few searches and listings. Let them know that you will be tracking which listings that they like and that they can keep searching and saving after your appointment is completed as you will be monitoring.

Later, after the appointment, you can log in and go into their contact section to see which listings they’ve saved (under the Properties tab), and what area of the town or city that they are interested in seeing properties in (under the Buyer Profile tab).

(Note that the Profile Names can be changed to reflect the location or specific neighborhood.)

When you are going on your buyer tours with the first time home buyer and they a learning more about what they are looking for in a property, you can log in to their My Home Tracker account and remove any undesired saved listings for them, or add a few more properties, and modify their saved searches to accommodate future price or location changes.

Another common scenario where you can use the My Tracker is at your open house events as your “guest book sign up.”

With this scenario, you will want to use your tablet and leave open on your website to allow a visitor to enter their information through one of the options below:


If you decide not to use the the Home Tracker option and keep the paper guest sign up, you can still go back into your Leads and Contacts application to manually add the contact. This can be done while at the open house, or later.

Once you have the contact entered, go to their Profiles tab and set up a search with similar search parameters as your open house. If the buyer decides to move forward, create the My Home Tracker account and repeat the above steps.

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