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Tasks are events that the Dashboard has recorded, such as sign ups, saved properties, or reports. Tasks are categorized, and categories can be customized to your preferences. The Tasks section will allow you the option to create tasks for your appointments, open houses, showings; CMA/Neighborhood report reminders and closings. Task reminders can be sent for any activity or event that you would like to keep track of.

You can also add additional tasks to your to-do list located on the main dashboard page.



Searching Tasks

Search by activity type, contact name, activity status, listing, and/or date range. Click search button to fill the grid.  


Viewing Tasks

View tasks in a weekly or monthly calendar view, or in the standard grid format. This will provide a quick glance for you on any past events or future appointments.

The events listed in this view can be moved with the mouse to accommodate a different time and saved automatically.


The month view will provide a quick glance of the month’s activities.

The grid shows the specific details of each activity and what status action is needed.


To take action with any of the existing tasks in the grid view, select the Action drop down menu:



Adding, Editing, and Closing Tasks

To add a new task, click on the Add New Task button. 

Activity Types

The Activity Types page allows you to enter your activity types such as “Task” or “Showing.”  Before an activity can be entered, an activity type must exist as a choice from the activity type drop down box.

Once the activity type has been created for the specific purpose, you can set a due date and be sent an email reminder days or a few hours before the event is due.


You can also include the listing that the event is being held for, such as an open house or for a scheduled closing appointment.

There is a notes section for any remarks that you will need to refer back to.

Once the activity has been completed, the activity status will need to be changed to Completed.



The advanced tab allows you to inform a stakeholder of any activity that would be related to their services, and to include any documents or files for the stakeholder that may be necessary for that activity's completion. 

The activity can be emailed to a stakeholder through the use of a custom email template in the Dashboard.

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