How is the Lead Temperature figured for clients?

Think of actions that a client makes on your site as a point system.

Default Grading Value   

Point Value - System Event
5 points - Account Activation
5 points - Contact Us Request
2 points - Save a Search
2 points - Send Listing to a Friend
5 points - Get More Info - Mobile
5 points - Neighborhood Valuation Report Request
1 points - Listing View
5 points - Property Inquiry
5 points - Dream Home Request 
5 points - Sign Up
5 points - Neighborhood Report Request
5 points - Schedule a Showing

Using this system, we can determine if a client is really looking, or they are just browsing. Dilution is by default 3% a day and its configurable by site.

For Example:

Assuming we are using the default very hot range of 40-50pts:
1. That means that in order to become very hot in a single day, a user must perform at least eight 5 point actions (or 40 property views, for that matter).
2. If a user makes, say 6 property inquiries on day 1, plus his sign up, he has 35 points. one day passes and he loses 1.5 pts (3%), leaving him at 33.5 points, meaning he would have to perform at least two actions to become very hot on day two.

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