User Registration Options

The User Registration Guide allows you to have a “Guest Book Login” on your IDX search page and can provide benefits to both you and your clients. 

  • You capture the client's information so that you can follow up with them and help them with their next transaction. 

  • Your clients get the My Homes Tracker functions to save favorite listings and searches. 

As default, the registration is turned off, but you can decide to turn it on and have the added ability to modify the parameters.

Where is it found?

The User Registration Options are found in the Dashboard under the Website App.

Searches and Views Option 1: “Allow Visitors To Search And View Properties Without Registering”.

  • This is the default parameter.

  • Allows the searcher to browse and view listings without registering.

Searches and Views Option 2: “Allow Visitors To Search Properties Without Registering But Require Registration For Visitors To View Non-Exclusive Listings”.

  • This allows a buyer to search and view properties that are within your’s office, but will require them to sign in to view listings that are not within your’s office.

Searches and Views Option 3: “Allow Visitors To Search Properties Without Registering But Require Registration For Visitors To View Listings”.

  • This will allow prospective buyers to search for a property but be required to create an account or sign in to their existing account before viewing the listing details.

Searches and Views Option 4: “Require Registration For Visitors To Search Or View Properties”.

  • This will require ALL searchers to login or create an account.


Example screen shots:

Basic search followed by the login screen after selecting a property:

Classic Template:

New Homes Connect Fusion® Template:

Choose the which options that you want implemented on your website:

Once you select a search and view option, you can adjust the viewing parameters:

After you select how many properties can be viewed or how many times a visitor can click before registration, you can require visitors to quickly see the property immediately, or require further verification by having the visitor verify their email address prior to viewing the listing:

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