Featured Listings on Your Website


Featured Listings are a great way to shine a spotlight on your listings by prominently featuring them on the homepage of your website. You can choose your own featured listing set, or allow Homes Connect to automatically rotate all of your listings.

*Note: This feature is only for clients that have a Homes Connect Website*

Featured Listings Page

There are several options for selecting how your featured listings are going to display on your website:


With the Featured Listings Settings, by default, it will show all of your listings, all property types, from high to low on your Featured Listings Page and is set to random rotation on your Home Page.

The default setting, set to YES, will use the same settings for your Featured Listings Page and Featured Listings Widget on your Home Page. If you want your Featured Listings Page and Home Page Widget to have separate settings, you can toggle the setting to NO.


But you have the option to change that. If you toggle to NO, you can switch between the Featured Listings Page and Home Page Widget settings.



All Of Your Listings (Default) will show all of your listings.



Office Listings will include all of the office listings on top of your listings.



Office Member Listings will show only the listings from a specific member of the office you are in.



Custom will allow you to select specific listings that you would like to display on your page and/or widget. Click on the Add button and from here you can select which properties you would like to display. You can also easily remove them if need be by clicking the X on a specific listing.




You can set the order that you would like these listings displayed in. Sort by Price (high to low) is the default but you can set it by city, area, square footage, etc:


You can also choose the Property Types that you want displayed:


And last but not least, you can choose whether or not your Off Market, Sold, or Rented listings display.



Featured Listing Home Page Widget

Now there is also a Widget on your website that features listings to your consumers as soon as they come to your site. This Widget is also controlled within your dashboard Featured Listings application.



This looks very similar to how the Featured Listings Display page is set up and works in the same way, but there are some extra options to point out.

The "All Of Your Listings" and "Custom" options work the same for both the Featured Listings Page and Home page Widget. The new option is No Display which will hide the widget from displaying completely.


With this section you can set what listings are rotated within that widget. So if you only want the most expensive listing to show or if you only want a specific price range of listings to show just set that parameter:



Then set the listings as you did with the Featured Listing Page.

If you don't have any listings to display, no worries, this feature will automatically go away until you have active listings within your dashboard. Or you can hide this section completely by selecting No Display if you don't want it to show on your website.

Last Thing: Don't forget to hit save! 2019-03-19_1033.png



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