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The very first thing that you should do when you get your Connect product is set up your Profile. This is very important because it is your information for as well as your Connect products and is referenced in many different places (that way you only have to fill out this section instead of many).

Since this section is very important, you can get to it from many places within your Connect Dashboard. The first and most prominent is the Your Profile Gadget:


This actually shows you all of the information that is on for you as an agent, listings on Homes, Coverage Areas you are shown in, Questions you have answered, etc.

First thing that you should do is add a professional photo, your office's logo, and a little bit about yourself for the Users.


Click on the "Change Profile Picture" to select the photo you'd like to show.


You can choose a new photo at the top from your computer, edit the photo to fit into the circle at the bottom, then hit Upload.

*Note: After you have added your photo, please all 15-30 minutes for it to update on The My Profile Gadget should display exactly how your photo is going to look on your Profile. A square photo works best.


When adding text in your About You -If you are "copying and pasting" from another source, make sure to paste in as "plain text". This is to avoid having any hidden code attached that could potentially look strange on your profile.

Below your Bio you can add your Office Logo.

*Note: Make sure to have the "List Me In The Agent Directory" option checked so that your profile will be displayed on


Then use the Tabs located at the top to navigate through completing your needed information:


 Do you have established Social pages? Awesome! We want to make sure that you can have clients link to those and see more about you and your brand!


*Note: The Twitter option only needs the User Name, not the whole URL like the others.

Next tab is the Contact Information tab where you need to verify or add your additional information.




Also within this tab is our Text Alert option for when you would like to also receive notifications via text message:



Next tab is for the Office Information, please verify that all of that is correct.


*Note: Is this area is "grayed out" and un-editable, then you are linked to a Broker account and the information is controlled from that Dashboard. If the information is incorrect, please contact us immediately so that we can help update your information.

Another important section for your brand exposure is to complete all five options for the Coverage Area tab. That way, when clients are searching nearby areas, you will be displayed as much as possible.



Last but not least, let us know if you have any Designations & Certifications:


An example is E-Pro which is a popular designation. That can be found under the designations list by searching for Certified Internet Professional.

*Note: if you don't see your specific designation or certification please let us know so that we can update our list with the most current offerings.


Have Questions? Just Ask! Our Support Team can be reached by email at!

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