Customize Your Website Header & Footer


As a default, Connect enters information for the header and the footer of the Website, but we know that customizing the Website is key for your brand. That is why, within the Website application of your Dashboard, one of the main options is to edit the Header and Footer of your Website. Connect Fusion® Template Header Example Connect Fusion® Template Footer Example

To make things easy, Connect has the same editor for the Header and Footer application that we do for adding content to your pages. Instructions on using the WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) Gadget, please see the article Adding Content to Connect.

Each template design has different colors and layouts but the Header and the Footer are always in the same place and so it is easy to see what you would like in those sections.

Just like with the pages, you can add text, photos, hyperlinks, and so much more to make sure that you have full customizing capability with your site.

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