Drive in Leads and Traffic


  1. Complete your profile in the Dashboard (setting up endorsements).
  2. Set up your 5 coverage areas for your information to display on
  3. Utilize and integrate Social Media:
    1. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, YouTube


  1. Make sure your IDX is connected
  2. Take advantage of the User Registration Options.
  3. Set up custom Featured Searches.
  4. Utilize the My Home Tracker Profile / Buyer Profile accounts.
  5. Add additional content to your Homes Connect site, such as city specific pages, key words, and adding reciprocating links from your website to other websites (SEO).
  6. You can link your Social Media profiles to your home page and link to your website from your Social Media page. (Social Networking)

Preferred Listing Advantage:

  1. Add more photos to your listings. This will allow your listings to come up higher on the default search results on for that area. (For MLSs that allow listing exportation)
  2. Broadcasting your listings out to social media for greater exposure (Facebook & Twitter).

City Sponsor Ads:

  1. Make sure to customize your advertisement on to stand out. Give us a call at 866-774-2947 for assistance with this.
  2. Do you have listings? Make sure that they are displaying properly on your advertisement. The listings that will display are all going to sort by the relevance of the consumer's search.
  3. Make sure that your domain (or “Landing Page”) takes the potential buyer to a contact form with a search capability option (and is spelled correctly in the Dashboard profile).

Local Connect:

  1. Complete your Profile to make sure that your information is present and correct.

Once you have done this, please allow a few weeks to see the difference in the amount of leads. These suggestions are simple recommendations and are free enhancements (minus the purchased ad space).

Check out our Leads versus other competitors:

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