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Frequently asked questions:

  1. How do I add an agent to the office roster?
  2. How do I get my agent’s listings associated to them?
  3. How do I edit agent information?
  4. Where do my agents sign in?

How do I add an agent to the office roster?

Option 1: Import Agents

Go to My Account > Office Settings > Manage Agents and click the Import Agents button.


Download the Sample CSV file and open it. 


We recommend keeping a blank form on hand with the Address and Primary Phone number already filled out. That way, you only have to copy and paste the info for as many agents as you need to add. For the purpose of this example, I added 5 agents.




You will then need to add the agent's First and Last Name, and Email address. You can update the Primary Phone if you know their direct line.


You can close out and/or save the file. When you close out, it will ask you if you want to Save. Click Yes. It will then ask you if you are sure you want to save it as a CSV file as some info may not transfer. Click Yes again.



You will then be ready to import the file into the account.

Click on the “Choose File” button and find the file on your computer.


Click on the “Import” button.


Once the file is imported, you will receive a notification saying: X number of agents Imported. This will be the number of agents who had accounts that were created. It may also say: X number of agents reassigned. These will be agents who previously had an account with us and that have been moved under your office account.

List of possible import errors

      • Valid phone number required for Primary Phone, Cell Phone, Home Phone, and Fax
      • Agent full name is required
      • A valid email is required
      • An agent may already be in the system
      • An agent belongs to another office
      • A valid City, State, and Zip combination is required

Option 2: Add New 

Go to My Account > Office Settings > Manage Agents and click the Add New button then follow the three-step process.



Step 1: Fill out the name, email, and phone of the agent.


Step 2: Fill out the office information. It will automatically fill out with the office you are importing the agent into.


Step 3: Select the lead acceptance options you want for this agent. If you have seats available you can assign a seat to the agent during the import process.


How do I get my agent’s listings associated to them?

The agent’s IDX code must be configured to their Profile, under the Contact Info tab.

Go to My Account > Office Settings > Manage Agents and click the gear icon. Then click on Edit Agent ID.


Click on the gear icon of the MLS you need to associate listings to, then click Edit.


Make sure the agent’s IDX code is entered into the Associated IDs field as seen below, then click Save.


How do I edit agent information?

Once you are in the Manage Agent section of the dashboard you will see each agent that is connected to the office will have a gear icon on the right side of their information. You can click on that and go to "Edit Agent Profile" to update their contact information.



You can also edit information under "Quick Edit" which includes: 

        • If the agent is accepting leads.
        • If the agent is set to forward their leads to another agent within the office.
        • If the agent is assigned a seat provided by the office.
        • If the agent's profile is listed in the Agent Directory.



Where do my agents sign in?

The agent will be able to sign in from

or by accessing the sign-in page directly via the Welcome Email.


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