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Listings are the properties you currently have for sale and properties you have sold in the past, and Homes Connect gives you complete control over all of them.

Editing, Updating, and Deleting Listings 

To edit, add photos, create reports and flyers, post to Craigslist, schedule an Open House, or delete a listing, click on the Gear icon to open the drop down menu.

Your Agent MLS listings should automatically be coming into the Dashboard, but if they are not, please follow these instructions HERE or contact our Support department.

If you would like to add a new listing, click on the Add New button. 

Once you have a listings drop down menu open, you can select the "Details" option to make edits to the listing.

Use the tabs to add photos, virtual tour links (under Media), and features/amenities in order to best work this listing.

When adding a listing into the dashboard, it walks you through each of the 5 steps to make sure the listing has all the required information to display on

Step 1 is putting in the basic listing information.

Step 2 is where you can add the number of bedrooms/bathrooms, square footage, lot size etc.

Step 3 includes features and amenities.


Step 4 includes the listing headline and description. Note: There is a 2000 character limit in the listing description.

Step 5 is the last step and where you can add photos as well as a virtual tour link.

None of the following fields are required but they are good to fill in for your prospective clients to be able to view.

You can even add in local school information in the Details: 

Edit Listing Descriptions and add Virtual Tours in the Media tab:


You can change the order the photos display by either using the arrows on the photo to move them forward or back, or by clicking the photo you want to move, and dragging it to it's new position.

If you are editing an existing listing coming in from your MLS feed - Do NOT delete the MLS number for that listing. To add photos or change information on an existing listing, just change the MLS Sync Method:

If you have a Homes Connect website, your active listings page comes as a default page named Featured Listings under the Properties Menu and we also feature one listing at a time on your home page. To edit what listings display, please see Featured Listings.

Have Questions? Just Ask! Our Support Team can be reached at 866-774-2947 or by email at!

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