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Reputation Manager

  • Visibility.  Find out which search engines, local review sites, and web directories have listings for your business, as well as which ones you're missing.

  • Mentions. A mention is any place on the web where your business appears.

  • Competition. The Share of Voice graph shows how prominently your business turns up in local search results compared to your competitors.

  • Sentiment Trending & Analysis. Reputation Intelligence is clever enough to automatically figure out whether a story or comment about your business is positive or negative, and show you how those sentiments are changing over time.

  • Reviews. On one page you can browse all the reviews of your business from sites like Yelp and Citysearch.

  • Social Publishing.  Promote yourself on all three of the most popular social networks at once and track your followers.

  • Executive Report. Emailed weekly. Provides valuable information without the recipient or salesperson having to take any action.

Leverages a third party reputation management reporting dashboard, accessed from within Homes Connect.

  • A series of tools and reports to help you measure your social impact and reach
  • Competitive analysis and reputation management reporting
  • Alerting system for monitoring changes/updates in real time

Key Benefits

  • Gives you brand visibility
  • Provides a place to start, and a place to measure your online self
  • Creates reports for Listing Presentations, etc.
  • Provides ability to be proactive in management of online reputation

Please check out our Training Webinar Schedule for the next live training on the Reputation Manager Application so that you may utilize the product to it's fullest potential!

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