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See comprehensive reporting for your products like Listings Traffic, Featured Listing Ad Stats, Display Ad Reports, and your Leads.

By default, the overview tab shows a Date Range of two weeks of information for your Statistics. If you want to see more in-depth reporting, just select the tab that you need the information for.

Each tab has the option to choose a specific Date Range:

And all of the information in each tab is exportable via Excel, Email, or PDF for easy sharing.

The Listings Traffic Tab shows the Views and Impressions of all your active agent listings on as well as your purchased Featured Listing Ads (if applicable). Impressions are how many times your listing has come up in a user's search where Views are how many times a user has actually clicked on your listings to look at the information.

You also have the option of looking at the statistics for individual listings: 

The Display Ads tab shows the Impressions and Clicks for your advertisement on Impressions are how many times the ad displays in your purchased area and Clicks are when clients physically click on your advertisement. For tips on setting up your ads, please contact us at 866-774-2947.

The overview only shows the Impressions for a two week period. You can either go to the Display Ads tab to view more or select Additional Information from the Overview.

The Leads Viewer tab shows you the list of all of your leads from only, if you have a Connect Website with us, please refer to the Leads & Contacts Section

To view the entire lead inquiry, just select the name of the lead and a detailed list will display:

*Note: All of your leads should also be emailed to you but we like to make sure that there are many places in which you can view your lead information just in case.

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