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After a page has been created and the content added, the next step would be to add it to your live website. Not all of the pages within the Page Manager are viewable on your website from the start, you have to take some time and determine which ones you would like and then add them as you go. To see about Adding Pages and Content to Your Website, please see the relating article.

There are a few ways to go about adding pages to your website. 


1. You could add the page directly from the Page Manager to your main menu. Click on the gear icon then Edit Page Settings.


Open the Main Menu section and choose the place you want to add the page on the menu.


On the Page Manager, it will tell you if the page has already been added to the menu or not. The Home page has been added to the main menu while A-Test B has not.



*Helpful Hint: The page will go on to the dropdown menu on your homepage with the same name that you have it labeled in the Page Manager. If you would like to add it to the Main Menu with a different name, please follow option 2.


2. You can add the page from the Menu Builder within the Website App in the Dashboard.



**Helpful Hint: When adding directly through the Menu Builder, you can rename your page in order to have a more personable title to your links. You can also “drag-and-drop” pages to make organizing your website more convenient.


3. You can create a “Quick Link” (or hyperlink) in a page to another existing page within your Page Manager.

a. First choose what page you would like to make the link on (in this example we're using the About Me Page) - and click the edit icon

b. Then choose what you would like to turn into a hyperlink (we chose an Image), highlight it, and click on the hyperlink option (looks like the globe with a chain in front of it)


c. It will open up another window in which you can choose whether you want to link it to an existing page within your Page Manager using the search icon or an outside link that you have selected.


d. From there you can name the link and select whether you want the link to open in a new tab.

e. Last but not least make sure you hit Insert.

***Helpful Hint: If you ever want to remove that link, just highlight what you would like removed and click the icon in the editor that looks like a broken chain.

Wondering about the Show Options link on your pages? Check out this article on helping your website SEO by adding a Title, Meta Description, and Meta Keywords to your website pages.


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