Quickly Customize Your Website to Highlight Your Business

Ok I get it you are not a web designer. However what if you could give your Whole website a facelift in 5 minutes?

Start by deciding on two things.

First decide what is the most iconic landmark in your service area. Is there a famous bridge or stadium. Find or take a picture of it and add it to your website’s Header

Secondly decide what is the most important thing you offer clients (Neighborhood videos, Home buying process checklist, Local market reports). A really great Neighborhood tour video of your most popular neighborhood would be perfect. Write some copy like “I do more transactions in this neighborhood than any other local agent” and then embed the video right into your website’s Footer.

Now the thing that sets you apart is always right there begging clients to check it out.

Check out some of our Website Articles to help you utilize your Application.

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