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Create a Neighborhood Envoy Report 



Enter the subject property or area as a starting point to get demographic information. Click start to locate and map your subject property or area.

Envoy will locate recently sold homes within your search area. Select the sold homes you would like to include in your report and click Customize.

Cover Page & Property Highlights
Customize the cover page of your neighborhood report and highlight a specific property in the area. Add a photo and property highlights along with your own personal remarks to your client.

Sort the property listing table by any of the available criteria and use the checkboxes to select the properties you would like to include in your Neighborhood Report.

The following sections are available for customization by clicking the edit icon in the top right portion of the section header:

Choose which points of interest to show on your map, and add custom map notes.

Neighborhood Definition
Set your demographic area to either a Block Group or a Census tract.

Weather Station

Choose the closest weather station for information on climate and weather trends.

Public and Private Schools

Choose which public schools to display in your report, and set the search area for school information.

Houses of Worship

Choose houses of worship to include in your report. Choose by denomination and proximity to your subject property or area.

Once you have made all your edits, click Publish.


Create New Report

From the list of available Neighborhood Envoy pages use the checkboxes to add pages to your custom neighborhood report. As you click, your selections will show in the right column. Use the up and down arrows on the side of the right column to adjust the order of your chosen pages. If you plan to use this report again, name the report and click Save, or simply generate the Tour by clicking Run Report.

See more about customizing our 1-Minute Reports.


Choose the look of your report by choosing from one of the many themes available, or upload your own custom header in your profile.

Property Layout

Choose how many properties and how much information to display per page.

Publishing Option

You can choose to print your report to a PDF document, email your report as a PDF attachment, or publish your report to your website with a custom-generated link.

Once all of your options have been selected, click Run Report.

Saving Your Report

If you would like to save your report for later use or future reference, click the Save icons from the header, name your property, and save it to your account.

New Report

Once your report has been published and/or saved, you will need to start a new report to clear all data from your current report.

Opening a Saved Report

Clicking the Open icon from the header will display a list of all the reports saved to your account.

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