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The Questions & Answers application lets you view, manage or resolve your questions & answers or create email alerts for recently asked questions.

Alerts allow you to setup Q&A cities and categories you are interested in receiving e-mail notifications regarding. Once you have setup an alert you can return to this page to make modifications or delete alert(s).

Enter in a location (city and state or zip) and select a category (if you would like all alerts, just leave the drop down as All Available). Hit Add Alert when complete and you should see your area and alert added to the list as well as a confirmation.


My Questions contains all questions you have asked in the Q&A section. Once you have received a satisfactory answer, or decided you no longer want the question posted, you can click "open" in order to set the status to "closed".

My Answers contains all of the questions you have provided answers for in the Q&A section. Alerts allow you to receive e-mails whenever information is added to a question you previously answered. If you wish to no longer receive e-mail notifications you can de-select the check box.

As a default, there is also a Q&A Gadget on your Dashboard that will display the most recent questions in your entire state instead of just your areas. gives free advertising to agents that take advantage of this option by displaying the area's top contributors:

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