Send An Email To Your Contacts


You can either send a single client an email or you can send many contacts a mass email for more coverage.

To send the same email to many clients within the Email Marketing application, select the Send Email app or tab:

Set your Send Options and select your Recipients:

*Note: This is where having Custom Categories comes in handy when dealing with thousands of contacts, please see Articles: Create Custom Categories and Custom Categories & Emails

To send a single contact an email, just go to that contact within the Leads & Contacts application and select Send Email within the Actions Drop Down for that client:


Select whether to send a brand new message:


Or a message that you have already saved:


With this option, you can choose between any email template that you have saved, including drip campaign messages and each monthly newsletter.

If you are creating an email from scratch, the WYSIWYG is just the same as when Adding Content to Your Homes Connect Site

Make sure to Preview to make sure that everything is set correctly:

Set the delivery options (you can either send immediately or for a later date) and then hit Send Message!


**Note: In your contacts list, you will see some different address statuses:

  • Complete - a verified and valid email address has been provided in the contact.
  • Incomplete - no email address has been provided in the contact.
  • Valid - the supplied email address is formatted correctly but not verified.
  • Invalid - the supplied email address is not formatted correctly.

You can also modify your email signature at the bottom of your emails, see our Email Signature page.

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