Why Use Neighborhood Envoy?

Listing information alone is not the whole story; today’s consumers expect to be provided with localized information in addition to accurate information about the property delivered from the MLS. With Neighborhood Envoy Application, has created a seamless way to integrate multiple data sources into mobile devices, custom reports, broker/agent websites, and MLS systems.

This includes:

  • Six categories of demographic data, public and private school information, crime statistics, sold data, climate, and houses of worship.

  • Access with mobile devices via an HTML5 interface optimized for iPhones and Android smartphones.

  • Neighborhood Envoy also enables you to quickly add local neighborhood information for display on your website or blog.

  • Electronic and printed reports for consumers that you can generate through your account with analysis tools.

Create a neighborhood report for your clients and give them information on the housing market, schools in the area, and local demographics.

Neighborhood Envoy Reports have demographic data that is based on public census data. Not everyone thinks about these aspects when purchasing a home, but having this information ready can put you above the rest.

Census information displayed on the report is based on census tract or block territory where the subject location is found. Census tract includes one or more geographic census blocks and census tract usually has a wider range of census data for comparison. There are no radius settings in Neighborhood Report for demographics. The scope of demographics included in the report may be customized only by choosing either

"Census Tract" or "Block Group" in Envoy > Customize > Neighborhood Definition.

Other information displaying on the report such as Public and Private Schools and Houses of Worship include a customizable radius option. The radius search for Private and Public Schools and Houses of Worship will return the top 20 results based on "Closest to Subject" or "Within a Radius of Subject". The default radius is 15 miles Closest to the Subject and this can be customized on the customize tab by clicking the pencil icon (edit) on the corresponding section. Public and Private Schools also have an additional setting to return All Schools in District. Schools and Houses of Worship can be added or removed when editing the schools or houses of worship sections by clicking the checkbox in the results.

Neighborhood Envoy Report includes public data from various sources. Public data comes from county property records and other publicly available information to produce the report. These can include public tax information and property deed records. But some records are hand entered and subject to contain errors from time to time which may display applicable sections of the Envoy Neighborhood Report. But note, the accuracy of home sales data provided by third-party vendors is beyond our control.

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