Listings Application FAQ - Featured Searches Edition

  • What are Featured Searches?

The Featured Searches section of the Connect Website allows you, the agent, the ability to have predefined searches set-up automatically on your website’s homepage through the MLS’s IDX. These predefined searches are popular search parameters that are most commonly searched for.

  • How do Featured Searches work?

Once the IDX is connected to the Connect website, nothing else will be required from you for completion. Although, you will have the added benefit to adjust the search parameters for more customized searches that are unique to your area, and the option to change the searches’ image. You can also remove the Featured Searches section if you do not want it to display on your Connect site.

  • Can I edit the Main Title? (Featured Searches)

With the new Connect Fusion® Templates, editing that field is now a cinch! Just go to the Page Manager like you were going to edit one of your website pages, and select to edit the Homepage. You should now see an edit box around the title, Featured Searches, and can change it as needed:

  • Can I have more than 6 Featured Searches display?

YES! While only 6 will display on the home page for the Classic Connect designs, there is a link (page) that will come as default which will show all the Featured Searches! 

*With the new Connect Fusion® Designs, the front page has the option to show more than 6 Featured Searches as seen in this example:
  • What if I want to remove the Featured Searches section?

No problem, on the main Featured Searches page, simply check the box to hide the Featured Searches on the homepage of the Connect website.


  • What if I want to add my own custom Featured Search?

This is also not a problem. On the main Featured Searches set up menu, simply click the orange button for “Add New Featured Search” following the same customizations mentioned in Article: Customize Your Featured Searches.



  • What if I want to add save Featured Searches but not show them on my website? Connect has the option to "Display to Public" or "Hide from Public" within the Featured Search edit options:


That way you can save Featured Searches for different seasons or to provide listing information to different clients without them displaying on your website unless you want them to.

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