My Profile Status Explained

The percent completed of a profile is determined with the information below.

  • Your Profile Has An Image - 45% Complete
  • Your Profile Has A Phone Number - 10% Complete
  • Your Profile Has A First Name - 10% Complete
  • Your Profile Has A Last Name - 10% Complete
  • Your Profile Has At Least 1 Coverage Area - 25% Complete

When these steps are all done, your profile will show that you are 100% Complete! wants to make sure that you utilize all of our helpful and FREE options so that you get the most out of your product with us. So even if you are at 100% complete, please utilize things like the Questions & Answers section to get more exposure and make sure that you have more than just one coverage area - more coverage areas = more exposure for you and your brand!

For help setting up your profile, please refer to the article: Completing Your Profile.

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