Create a Property Flyer


Flyers are only one page and single-sided. 


Creating a Flyer with your Homes Connect Design Center is the easiest of all of the property marketing options.

Just like with the other selections, there is a Quick Action link as well as an Application link where you can upload a file from your MLS:

Select the Property from your uploaded file to create a flyer with and then hit the Customize Button: 

Already have the listing in the Listings Application of your Homes Connect Dashboard?

You can pull the listing information into the Design Center directly from the Listings Menu and the Actions Drop Down list to skip the Import and Properties steps.


The following sections are available for customization by clicking the edit icon in the top right portion of the section header:

You can upload or change the property photo from what is populated from your listing. Write your own custom headlines, choose the features to highlight, and add custom remarks about the property. For multi-photo themes, please see Article: Adjusting Property Photo Order for a helpful how-to on displaying only the photos that you want.


On the publish page you can make the following selections/customizations:

Style Group: Premium styles are pre-designed and do not allow font or color customizations. Customizable flyers allow you to choose your font and flyer accent color.

Design Theme: There are many designs to choose from within each style group. You can select one from either the drop down menu, or scroll through the previews.

Font & Color: To make your very own flyers instead of choosing a pre-designed style, select the Style Group: Customizable Flyers, then you can choose the font and colors you would like your media printed with.

Print Report: Choose to print your media, email it, or post a link to it on your website.

PDF Type: Standard PDF will render a ready-to-distribute piece of material. Professional PDF will render with print guidelines if you plan to submit your marketing material to a professional printer.

Once you have made all of your edits, click Run Report to view your finished piece. 

On the Publish Tab you also have the option to begin a new Design Center project, which will clear the data from your previous project, open a saved project, or save the project you just published for future use.

All projects are saved to your account and will be accessible from any computer when you log into your Homes Connect account.

Have Questions? Just Ask! Our Support Team can be reached at 866-774-2947 or by email at!

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