Follow Email Marketing Drip Campaigns

The Email Marketing section of your Account allows you to enroll a client, or a prospective buyer, into a professional email campaign with a few simple clicks.


How do I enroll contacts into Email Campaigns?

You can simply add a contact from the Contact Manager section, or go to Campaigns under Email Marketing to add a contact to an existing email campaign.

Select the Campaign that you would like to enroll your contacts in and then use the Actions drop-down to Edit.

From there, scroll down until you see "Contacts in Campaign" and search for the contacts that you would like to enroll by doing a quick search (this is where Custom Contact Categories really come in handy).

Or, you can go through your existing contacts.

*Note: You can even edit your contacts from here by clicking on the contact's name. It will open up all the contact information for your use and when you are done, hit Save & Close, and you will come right back to the page you were last on.

Use the check boxes next to each contact name for those you would like to enroll, and then to enroll in the campaign hit (located at the top right corner).


Where can I view the emails within a Campaign?

From the Actions drop-down, there is the option to View that specific campaign.

A window should appear with all the emails within that campaign and you can simply click on the email title to view the contents.

Can I change the information within the Campaign Emails?

Yes! In the Actions drop-down, there is the option to Edit that will bring you to another page to manage the campaign.

From there you can change the Campaign Name.


Create your own custom email template or add others that you have already created.


Or edit the existing emails within the campaign.



Don't forget to !


You also have the ability to edit the Email Signature at the bottom of your drip campaigns to personalize them further.

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