Have a Slide Show? Need to Change the photos?

1. First you will need to log in to your dashboard.
2. From there you will need to click on applications.
3. Once in applications, you will click on the Website app, then select the Dashboard option.
4. From there you will need to click on Document Library, under Advanced Settings.
**Helpful Hint** You should already see the slides that are currently being used in your slideshow within this menu, normally named Slide1, Slide2, etc - that way you know how many photos are being used in the slideshow code.
5. Once in the Document Library, you would just need to upload the photos that you wish to utilize in your slideshow. 
**Helpful Hint** In order for the picture to appear in your slide show, you must name them accordingly, slide1, slide2 etc. Please be sure to first save the photos that you previously had in your slideshow in the instance that you wish to utilize them again in the future. We recommend you save them as prevslide1, prevslide2 etc. Once you have saved your old photos and named your new photos, you will just need to choose the photo to upload and be sure to select Overwrite Existing File. Simply click Upload File and your photos have been saved.
Your slideshow should update automatically to reflect the change but if you do not see it right away, try refreshing your browser, or using a different one, to see the fresh content.
Slideshows are only available for existing clients who had purchased a custom design. The slideshow isn't part of the regular website package.
Have Questions? Just Ask! Our Support Team can be reached at 866-774-2947 or by email at!

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