Getting all your leads in one place with Lead Gator

Lead Gator 

One of the major challenges real estate professionals face daily is how to efficiently manage and incubate leads from various lead sources. Well, we have great news! Your Homes Connect marketing platform now includes Lead Gator, your instant lead aggreGator system. Once activated, Lead Gator will automatically deliver leads from, Zillow, Trulia, and other major real estate sites directly to your Connect dashboard, providing you instant access to leverage Connect's powerful marketing tools!


To get started, go to your Connect Dashboard, select Leads & Contacts, and then Lead Gator Setup. There, you will see your unique Lead Gator email address to be used on all lead generating sites. When a website asks where you'd like your leads sent be sure to enter this email address. Once it is added, any future leads from that site will be sent directly into your Connect Lead Manager, along with information about the source of the lead. You then will have the ability to manage leads from many sources along with seamless access to the great marketing tools available with Connect!

Update your email address on the site from which you want to send leads (Zillow, Trulia, with your personalized Connect lead collection email address.

  • Example Lead Gator Email address:

You can find your Lead Gator email by going to your Leads and Contact section of your Dashboard.

Once you click update within your lead capture program, all new leads will be sent directly to your Connect Dashboard.

Zillow Tech Connect

The Zillow Tech Connect section works just like Lead Gator, but is specifically for Zillow. You will be given a unique partner ID as seen below and can use that to connect your Zillow leads directly into your Homes Connect dashboard. Just simply follow the instructions below once you are logged into your Zillow account.


Have Questions? Just Ask! Our Support Team can be reached by email at!

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