Lead Gator FAQ

What is Connect’s Lead Gator?

Lead Gator is our instant lead aggreGator system.  Once set up, Lead Gator will send your leads from other real estate websites like, Zillow, and Trulia directly to your Connect dashboard, providing instant access to leverage Connect’s powerful marketing tools!

Is there a cost associated with Connect’s Lead Gator?

Lead gator is available to all Connect subscribers at no cost.  If you haven’t signed up for Connect yet, call 858-200-9855 or email to learn more about the Connect packages that include Lead Gator.

How does Lead Gator work? Connect’s Lead Gator provides you with a unique email address to be used to route leads from other real estate advertising sites.  This email should be entered on any site from which you currently receive leads as the email address to send leads.  Once the email address is added, any future leads from that site will be sent directly into Connect, allowing you to easily manage all your leads in one place.

How will I be notified of new leads? Connect customers will be notified by email and text message (if enabled) of any new leads, whether that lead occurred on the Connect site,, or any other website where the email address for Lead Gator is being used.  Watch for the release of the new Connect leads app to be released shortly, providing another way to quickly view and respond to leads.

How do I find the unique Lead Gator email address?

Go to the Connect Dashboard, select Setup, and then scroll down to Lead Gator Setup. There you will find the Lead Gator email address that will be used on all lead generating sites.

What sites does Lead Gator work with?

Lead Gator will work with any site that sends leads via email.  We’ve tested this with many of the largest sites, including, Trulia, and Zillow.  If there is a site you’d like us to setup or verify, simply send an example of the lead notification email to your Consultant or a Connect customer service team member and they will process a request for this new lead source to be added to Lead Gator.

How will I know what site the lead came from?

In the Connect Lead Manager, you will be able to view all the leads received from Lead Gator, including information on the originating site the lead came from and any comments or requests made by the consumer.

Do I need to import these leads into Connect?

No, these leads are automatically added as contacts into you Connect account, enabling you to utilize the email marketing campaigns and other follow-up tools, regardless of where the lead originated.

What are the benefits to using Lead Gator?

It is well documented that the best way to convert online leads into actual business is by following up immediately and staying in touch with the consumer as they go through the online search process. Receive leads from many different sites can that make effectively managing online leads difficult. Connect’s Lead Gator simplifies this process by giving user’s one place to collect and manage all online leads.


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