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Importing Contacts will be one of the first and most important things to do especially if you already have a large contact database.

The file types are:

  • Microsoft Outlook (version 2000, 2002, 2003, Express, and XP)
  • "Generic" can be selected to use a CSV (comma separated values) spreadsheet. See end of article for formatted columns: A Generic CSV file with all the necessary fields is available within your Dashboard.


**Note: Leads Without First Name Or Email Address fields cannot be imported, all contacts beneath them in the spreadsheet will not import either.**

If you have the file saved to your computer and in the correct format, select the Choose File option, and import the CSV file needed.

After the file has imported, you should see a message of the number of contacts correctly imported into the dashboard.

If there are contacts that did not import correctly, take a look at your CSV and make sure that everything is in the correct column.

  • The imported contact forms must fit the Outlook CSV format in which the columns are ordered as follows:

A. Title

B. First Name

C. Last Name

D. Address

E. City

F. County

G. State

H. Zip

I. Country

J. Email Address

K. Home Phone

L. Cell Phone

M. Business Phone

N. Fax

O. Company

P. Notes




IMPORTANT: There is not a limit on the number of contacts that may be stored within your Contact Manager. However, you are only able to import contacts in batches of 1000 records at a time.   This may be repeated as many times as necessary in order to import your entire contact database.


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