Using the Advanced Settings

Global Page Settings (these settings will affect all pages on your site) and help with the SEO for your website. The advanced settings option is located underneath the heading of the Advanced Settings Menu.

If you have custom content on your website - it is imperative that you DO NOT hit the Restore Default Settings button. It will delete EVERYTHING.


You can use this button to undo any changes that you have just saved EXCEPT the Restore Default Settings. This way if you save something within your settings that you might not like but didn’t save the previous settings to your desktop, you can still retrieve them back.


This is the Default Setting for your Connect Agent Website Meta KeyWords and Meta Description. The Smart Tags are used so that if you change information within your Agent Profile, it will be reflected here, without additional changes. 



**Helpful Hint: If you add your own custom information and delete the Smart Tags, please make sure that if any changes are made within your business (ex Office Name, Adding a partner, etc) it will not be reflected here.



You can use the custom Meta Tags Field to add the custom meta tags you'll need to verify ownership of your domain for your Webmaster Tools accounts for Google, Yahoo, and Bing. These profiles will provide you additional insight into your website's current visibility in those search engines.




Add Google Analytics or Facebook Pixel

You can add your Google Analytics or Facebook Pixel tracking code to the field below. Simply toggle to HTML and paste the tracking code, and then Save. This will then add that code to the entire website and allow you to use that 3rd party website analytics program.









Make sure to always save your work!






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