Open Houses


Open Houses are a key tool for marketing your property, and a great way to meet more buyers.

*Note: This feature is only for clients that have a Connect Website*

Editing, Updating, and Deleting Open Houses

To edit or delete an open house, select the action drop down menu.


To add a new open house there are a few options, either select the option within the listing itself from it's Action Menu, select Add an Open House from the Quick Actions, or click on the Add New Open House button within the Open House Application.




 Once you have the listing selected for an Open House, choose the Start / End Date and Time:


Then you can add any comments about the Open House that you would like. You also have the option to make the note public or not:

As a default, the Open House page should already be added to the menu on your Connect Website, but if you would like help adding this page to another section of the Menu or another Page, please refer to the Website Articles.

The listing that you selected for the open house will show on your website with the Date and Time displayed right away:

As well as advertise it within the listing details:

Have Questions? Just Ask! Our Support Team can be reached at 866-774-2947 or by email at!

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