Social Broadcaster

The Social Broadcaster is a tool included with your Agent or Office website that allows you to post updates to your website or social media sites.

The Social Broadcaster allows you to broadcast a message with a corresponding image, listing, open house reminder, or a short article about a trending hot topic. 


Key Benefits

  • It's mobile, which allows content posting from anywhere.
  • Listing and open house integration.
  • Keep your website up to date with the Social Wall.

To share your listings to all your connected social pages start by clicking "Listings".


Choose the listing that you would like to post and click "Insert".


From there you will see a message and photo have been added to the Broadcaster with a hyperlink to your Listing. You can edit that message up to 5000 characters. (Limited to 280 characters when Twitter is selected).


The same steps apply to adding an Open House message. 

Did you add the wrong listing or just want to start over? Just hit "Reset".


Don't forget to select which pages you would like that message to go to. You can select all or pick and choose which Social Pages you want to send your message to.



 *Note: To make sure that you are posting to the correct pages, like your Facebook Business page, please see your Social Settings.

Once you are satisfied with your message just hit "Post" to send everything to your selected pages and you're all done!

Have questions? Just ask! Our Support Team can be reached by email at

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