Managing your Contacts




The Connect database keeps track of all of your contacts, including current and past clients.


Editing, Adding, and Deleting Contacts

To edit, send email, launch campaign, or delete a contact record, click on the gear icon in the top right corner of the contact to get the drop down menu.

To add a new contact record, click on the Add New button. 


Within the contacts application you have the ability to Edit Details for the contact, select contact categories, create a Buyer Profile, start a CMA or Buyer Tour, as well as enroll them in campaigns and make notes for that contact.

You can get as detailed as you need within your Contacts list.

There is an "Allow Login To Public Features" option for each contact. If the contact created a My Homes account, there will be login information and the toggle will show Yes. If the toggle is set to No, you can change it to yes and create login information for your contact which would create a My Homes account for them.

You can even enroll your clients in campaigns:


Or create their Buyer Profile and set their contact and listing preferences:

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