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What is it?

The Menu Builder is a user friendly way to build and organize the drop-down menu within the Connect website. It allows you to quickly and effortlessly customize or rearrange the website’s links that the website viewers will be able to select.

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Where do I go to make changes?

Any changes needed to the menu bar can be found by logging into the Dashboard, then selecting the Website Application. There is a Quick Link labeled Menu Builder, or you can find the option within the Website Application Overview.


How does it work?

Once inside the Menu Builder, you will be able to add a “top level item” which will be the parent link seen on the menu bar of the Connect site, or add a “sub level” item which will be a link that displays under the parent link in the drop-down bar. You will also be able to redirect the links to any internal pages found within the Website App, or to any outside websites such as a blog or a business partner’s website. 


How to use the Menu Builder

The option to have a new parent link on the Connect menu for the website will be found under the link titled “Add New Top Level Item”.

Once selected, you will be able to name the link under “Item Caption” and choose where to direct the link to an existing page in the Pages section of Dashboard under “Link to Page”. All you would need to do is click the drop-down option and select the pre-existing page by the page’s name. 


You can also choose where to position the link in the menu line up, and choose where to direct the link to an outside website by placing in that site’s complete website address in the “Link to External URL".


*Please note that if the link is taking traffic away from the Connect site, we recommend having the link open in a new page and that option can be found in the bottom left. Once the changes have been made, please click the orange SAVE button on the bottom right to save the link.


You can follow the same directions for adding a Sub Level Item which will be a link that displays in the drop-down for the parent item.

Can the links be rearranged?

Yes. The links can be “dragged and dropped” into a new position simply by hovering the mouse over the Sub Level link to have the mouse arrow change to a pointing hand icon. This will let you know that the Dashboard is ready to change the positioning of the link by clicking the link and dragging it into it’s new position.

This option can be applied to Top Level links in the same way, but the mouse icon will change to a four pointer arrow icon. This will allow a Top Level item and it’s Sub Level links to carried into a new position.

Once the changes are saved, they will be seen on the Homes Connect site after refreshing the internet browser.

Can you edit content on a page? 

Yes. There are links under the gear icon that allow you to edit content, page settings, and delete the page off the menu completely.


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