Marketing Center (Imprev) Success Stories

Here are a few success stories about the Marketing Center powered by Imprev!

Success Story

Best. Way. Ever. To win a listing

Carrie’s cell phone rang. A client wanted her to come by that night to talk about listing his home for sale. Carrie drove directly to the house to snap some quick exterior shots with her mobile phone. 

Back at the office, she uploaded the photos to her online Marketing Center; within a couple of minutes she had created an eCard with the client’s house photo and emailed the seller a link. The animated eCard said: “Looking forward to our meeting at 8 p.m., Carrie,” with her photo, contact details and logo.

That night she asked if she could take a few “establishing shots” inside the house to share with her professional photographer if she won the listing.

When she left, she drove two blocks, pulled over and whipped out her iPad and uploaded the photos she had taken to her Marketing Center.

She then created a quick flyer, postcard, brochure and a virtual tour all in her online marketing center.

Ten minutes later, she emailed the client the marketing samples and a link to the virtual tour, along with a thank-you note, asking for the listing.  The home seller was blown away, cancelled two other agent interviews, and listed the home with Carrie.

Carrie’s move to a fully mobile marketing platform continues to win her listings, nearly every time.


Success Story

How a virtual tour created multiple deals

San Diego-based agent Maria Pena-Morales was looking for a unique way to network at her firm’s national convention with a goal of generating referrals.

She knew she would meet literally “hundreds of agents” during the show, but Maria said she wanted to “leave them with a lasting, memorable, positive and professional impression.”

Arriving home with a stack of business cards, she came up with an incredibly clever way to “touch” all of the people she met.

“I designed a fantastic visual presentation – using a virtual tour design -- about San Diego and our real estate team,” Pena-Morales said.

She then sent a personal email to each person that had given her their business card and she asked them to consider her team for any San Diego referrals.

“The response was HUGE!,” she said.

“Best of all was the outcome,” Pena-Morales said. “As the result of a very easy, simple effort using our online marketing center, I have received three referrals and we closed two escrows from our San Diego Tour.”

“I have also posted it on my business website and Facebook page,” she added. “It’s been a fantastic tool to use in so many ways!”


Success Story

Once a month – or risk being forgotten

Chicagoland agent Bonnie Rooney Homes started sending a monthly newsletter to her "Top 100" client list seven years ago after taking the Brian Buffini Success Series.

She wanted to remind her clients on a monthly basis that she was in the real estate business. 

“My newsletters offer them some important information about real estate, personal finance, and other subjects of interest to homeowners,” she said.

But the problem was the expense. “I purchased the print newsletters directly from a vendor and they cost me over $1 each.”

Even though she used her online marketing center to create print and digital marketing materials for her listings, she had never explored how it could be used for personal promotion.  She was pleasantly surprised to find that her online marketing center gave her access to newsletters featuring “great content and up-to-date information.”

“Even better, I can print them in my own office (or email a digital copy), personalize them with my contact information and include tips of my own. I can also feature one of my listings each month,” she added. “This really impresses my sellers,” helping drive new business from her existing client base.

The best part: They are hers to use without an additional fee, as they are included in her company’s online marketing center.


Success Story

Virtual tour: Thinking outside the box

Northern Colorado real estate agent Kay Taylor took an out-of-the-box approach in using a virtual tour for a new home under construction.

“I had a couple who were in the process of building a home,” she explained, “so I created a virtual tour, starting with their first dinner on the tailgate of their pickup on the vacant lot!”

Taylor even provided the first meal: a picnic basket full of food as an early closing gift.

Each week she drove by and took photos, then uploaded the images and created a virtual tour, documenting progress on the construction.

“I emailed them a link every week and they loved it!” Taylor said.

The best part: The couple shared the link with their friends and family.

That gave Taylor the most powerful marketing there is: Having clients promote your business for you.


Success Story

How a small card can make a big impact

Property Cards are wallet-sized versions of property brochures, with four panels that fold into a standard business-card size. They’re a great handout to give sellers to share with friends, families and colleagues.

Sue Robertson, a real estate agent in Mooresville, N.C., has found an inventive way to use Property Cards to market her business. Instead of using them solely to promote listings, she uses these small-but-handy cards to tell people she meets about her services.

Sue has developed a series of creative messages on these small cards that highlight different areas of expertise.

One card features a photo with “ducks in a row” and explains how complex the real estate market is today. Another card features a photo of a moving van and explains how Sue can save them money. She also has a photo of a golf ball on another card, which describes how important it is to have an agent who knows “the rules of the game.”

She says these unique cards impress buyers and leave a lasting impression. Sue attributes this powerful yet simple marketing tactic to a big benefit: They have helped her gain clients in the past year.


Success Story

How to turn a FSBO into a listing       

Richard Hupper was just starting out as a new agent in Reading, Massachusetts looking for a niche and a chance to build his business.

He wanted to find a way to build “value and trust” with expired FSBO listings.

The linchpin to his successful strategy: a simple flyer he would build in his online marketing center.

It only took Richard a few minutes to create a personalized flyer for each property, but it had a powerful impact with owners who were trying to go it alone.

After a personal phone call and introduction, he would send them the professional flyer he created with all the property details.

“I would explain that this is one of the many things I do to advertise my client's property and get it sold,” he said.

He quickly ended up turning a FSBO into a client and sold their home.

The moral of his story: A great looking flyer definitely can help any agent look spectacular.       


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