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Ever wonder, "how much is my house worth?" Search by state, city, zip code, or address to find homes recently sold in your neighborhood. Home values are calculated from sold prices, public records of assessed value, and area real estate information. While these estimates can help planning a real estate purchase or sale, you should always consult with a real estate agent or house appraisal specialist. Need more help? We can also assist when searching for homes for salehomes for rent, or with finding the best mortgage rates.

* Home Value is not an appraisal; it’s an estimate of value based on certain information. Use as a starting point, but we strongly recommend you contact a real estate professional for a more detailed evaluation. Click here to learn more or see FAQs.

The Home Values are generated by a formula that compiles millions of data points on recent home sales and your area, tax assessments and other factors. All of this information comes from public records.

But you always have the option of "Claiming" your property to add to the information in order to have it represented as accurately as possible.

First, search for the specific address that you are interested in: 


Second, you should see a pop-up over the listing:


Click on Claim Your Home and then Verify Ownership of Your Home:

You should then be able to add to the listing's information. See article: Edit Your Claimed Home on

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