Broker Accounts: Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get my agent’s listings associated to them?

The agent’s IDX code must be configured to their Profile, under the Contact Info tab.

Go to My Account > Office Settings > Manage Agents and click the gear icon. Then click on Edit Agent ID.



Click on the gear icon of the MLS you need to associate listings to, then click Edit.



Make sure the agent’s IDX code is entered into the Associated IDs field as seen below, then click Save.

Who is John Realtor?

When a listing is displaying in the Office Listing Manager, but is not associated to the proper listing agent, the listing will show as being listed by "John Realtor" by default. John Realtor will not display on the actual listing on, it will only show within the office account. This is to show that the listing is not properly connected to the listing agent. Once the listing is connected to the listing agent, it will update to display the name of the listing agent.



What is a seat?

A seat allows agents to inherit the Marketing features; this could be a Website, CMAzing, Neighborhood Envoy, or Design Center.

For agents to inherit the Marketing features you purchased you need to assign them a "seat". From the Manage Agents page, find the agent and click on Quick Edit under their name and toggle "Has a Seat" to yes.



How do I edit agent information?

Once you are in the Manage Agent section of the dashboard you will see each agent that is connected to the office will have a gear icon on the right side of their information. You can click on that and go to "Edit Agent Profile" to update their contact information.


You can also edit the information under "Quick Edit" which includes: 

  • If the agent is accepting leads.
  • If the agent is set to forward their leads to another agent within the office.
  • If the agent is assigned a seat provided by the office.
  • If the agent's profile is listed in the Agent Directory.



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