Adjusting Property Photo Order

When pulling listings directly from our Listings Application into the Design Center, our system brings in all photos from that listing in the order that they are already in. Unfortunately, as of this present time, we only have the option to change the main photo within the customize section of the Design Center but there is an easy way to make sure that the photos you want are showing in the order you need on your new property literature. 

1. Select the listing that you want to create a flyer with, in your Listings Menu, and instead of immediately selecting to Create a Flyer with that listing. Select Edit Details within the Actions Menu:



2. Go to the Photos tab within that edit menu and you should see some arrows on the right hand side of the photos within that listing:


3. Those arrows allow you to adjust the order of your photos within this list. Adjust the images to have at least the first four be the photos that you would like on your literature. 

4. Once you have the photos adjusted as need, select the Save button: 

Please see Section: Design Center for more information on using the Homes Connect Design Center.

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