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How can I be featured in the Connect with local mortgage lenders box?

In order to be a featured in the Connect with local mortgage lenders you must be apart of our Mortgage Connect program. For more information regarding our Mortgage Connect program call 888-894-7929.

Can I have leads go to more than one email on my myhomes account?

Only one email address can be used to receive leads through your myhomes account.

Can I buy additional coverage areas to feature my profile?

We currently only have the five options available within your profile. You may rotate the markets you service within the five fields at any time.

Can I have lead notifications sent as a text to my phone?

All lead notifications will be sent by email only. Text alerts are not a feature within your mortgage myhomes account

Can I sort and filter my leads within the lead viewer tab of my profile?

You may sort your leads by date, lead name, and lead source.

Does scrub leads before sending to the LO's?

All leads are sent to you in real-time to ensure you are able to contact the lead as soon as it comes through our site. We do not scrub leads. We realize the importance of the initial contact with the potential client and strive to make that process seamless for our lenders.

Can you turn off my leads on the weekends or evenings?

Once your account is activated your leads will start automatically and will remain active for the duration of the account. If you have special circumstances that would require you to discuss this aspect of your account further please feel free to contact our support department at 888-894-7929.

Can I have more than one email on my MyHomes account?

Only one email address can be associated to your myhomes account.

Can I change my username?

In order to change your username please contact our support line at 888-894-7929.

Do you have shares based on zip code rather than county?

Shares are available on the state level and county level only.

What is this toll-free number on my listings?

The toll-free number associated with your account is part of our Call Tracking system.  This number forwards calls to the phone number you have entered in your profile and allows you to keep track of exactly which calls you are receiving as a result of using  Any time a call comes in we send you an email of the call lead with the phone number, in case you missed the call.

How do I log in to recover my lead?

Please follow the steps below to recover your lead information.

  • Go to
  • Click on “Your Account” link in upper right-hand corner
  • Enter Username or Email address and Password:  
  • Click on “MyHomes Account” icon in center of pop-up
  • Click on “Lead Viewer” icon in lower left-hand corner - A list of all your leads will now appear
  • Click on the “ Name” link to view full lead information
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