Follow Call Tracking Numbers

As part of your account with, each profile comes equipped with a unique phone number called a Call Tracking Number:


This number is generated as soon as your profile with is created, regardless if the profile has been completed. Any calls to your Call Tracking Number will forward to the Primary Number in your profile, and they will display the lead's caller ID information.

This Call Tracking Number does something that other systems do not - 

  • It captures the consumer's information instantly
  • It sends that information into the Leads Section of your Connect Dashboard
  • It emails you that information as well
  • And it does all this even if you can't get to the phone

Call Tracking Numbers are local numbers! That way consumers are more inclined to call as they are not seeing 800 numbers. 

Have Questions? Just Ask! Our Support Team can be reached at 866-774-2947 or by email at!

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