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Our new product, Local Connect, is a valuable way of getting in touch with consumers that are looking to buy a home in your specified zip codes.

For more information on the Local Connect product itself, please see article: Local Connect and our educational video Setting Up Local Connect

If you already have Local Connect, this article will outline the reporting feature within your Connect Dashboard:

For Agent accounts:

Within your Apps drop-down menu, you will find the Business Intelligence Application (if you have a Connect Website with us as well, there will more options within this view)

The reporting itself does not contain information until after the first 30-days of your subscription but should look like this once it becomes populated:

You can adjust the month, year, and areas in question, so that you may see how each area is performing and when.

For Broker accounts:

You should have more than one option within the Business Intelligence Application as a default:


But your report itself is about the same, as the product is specific to you and your account, not your agents:

For more information about the Local Connect product, please see article Local Connect.

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