New Featured Ads Stand Out to Capture More Consumers!

Great news! Local Ads, Mobile Ads, Blockbuster Ads, and Featured Listings are all being upgraded to the new Featured Ads program. As a valued client with one or more of the ads, your listings will be prominently showcased at the top of the search results pages, standing out above the rest, while driving even more engaged consumers to your listings and website.

NEW Featured Ads Offer:

  • Gigantic ad at the top of showcasing your listings
  • Branding at the city search level where consumers search most frequently
  • Display on both mobile and desktop devices
  • Featured Broker or Agent designation
  • Display all your listings with the first four highlighted
  • Prominent link to view all listings or link directly to your website
  • Custom tagline or links to your social networks

At the end of August 2015, your new Featured Ads went live and your previous advertising investment was applied to the new Featured Ads. If your previous ad coverage was based on zip codes, all zips were converted to the city level coverage, giving you broader coverage at the city level while still displaying in city zip codes, all in the new, larger ad size.

Your upgrade to the new Featured Ads was automatic and requires no action from you to take advantage of the new features.

If you have questions about your new Featured Ads, please contact us at 866-774-2947 or

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