Reputation Manager: Chatter

This tab is all about Social Media

*Note: a Review is a client going to a review site and giving you and your brand a specific rating, where as a Mention (Chatter) is when you are referenced within Social media platforms*

Within this tab you can track your Social Media rankings against your Local Competitors:

See your total chatter rankings and export the data if needed:

You can see the Mentions, where they came from, hide them if they are not yours, share them on other platforms, as well as go to the actual mention in case you need to respond:

You can also make notes on these mentions for your own records to keep track:

But one of the best options, is being able to see how you stack up on Social Media against your competitors in a snap by changing the report that you are viewing:

*Clicking on the provider name will bring you to the exact page that it is referencing*


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