Reputation Manager: Listings

This tab is to make sure that all of your information is correct, present, and not duplicated across the board of many different directory and local sites.

This helpful summary will show you where you are found, where you are not found, and where you have more than one posting but you can break it down even more:


Listing Optimization: Shows you the listings that you currently have on specific sites and if they differ from the information that you provided in your settings.

By clicking on the box for what is missing on that provider, you can see a Drill Down of what is missing and what is needed.

You can go directly to the listing to make edits and revisions:

Missing Listings: If nothing can be found for you and your brand at all on any of these sites, this report will help you get those set up.

Duplicate Listings: Check this report at least once a month as duplicate listings on review sites and local directories can be harmful to your brand SEO as well as the sites seeing the legitimacy of your business, causing lower rankings on search engines.


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