Reputation Manager: Rankings

This report indicates the average ranking for the keywords selected for your location(s)/brand in order to gauge your local visibility. It is very important that you have your location listings set up correctly, including your chatter and reviews to make sure that you are getting the proper exposure in your area.

The chart represents if you are improving in the areas and keywords that you have set up, or if you are declining and need to make adjustments overall:

You can change your keywords and areas in order to show a more specific result for your business, for example luxury homes, waterfront homes, buyers agent, etc in specific areas:

You can also change the type of report from Average Rankings to Page 1 Rankings, the Ranking Type from Local to Web to see a more organic web presence, and specific date ranges to see how you are doing in certain times of the year:

If you want to "Drill Down" the data by provider, keyword, and area for each of your locations, just click on the ranking that you would like to see and a report will generate below:


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