Reputation Manager: Workflow

The Workflow tab is there to help track tasks and activity in order to set up your account to it's full potential.

On the left you can choose either to see the Task Details by Provider, Task Types, and Task Status:

Or to see your Score Comparisons:

On the first screen you should see your To Do list along with the number of things that you have submitted and are waiting for validation from the system, as well as the things that have been completed:

To Do: Assigned Task To Be Completed Online - From here choose a task and select the direct link to set up your listing:

Completed: Marked As Completed by User - once you mark the task as complete, the system will move the task from your To Do list, to your Completed list, but it is still waiting on Validation in order to confirm your information.

Validated: Validated By Platform - Once your listing has been Validated by the platform, you should see an increase in your overall Performance.

Hidden: Hidden By User - you can hide duplicate tasks from your list.


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