Preferred Listings

Preferred listings are properties that have been marked by subscribing agents which allow the listings to receive exclusive leads, additional branding, and a boost in relevancy calculations which determine where they display on The process for selecting preferred listings is automated by default, however you can make edits, or manually select the listings you would like to prefer by going into the "Preferred Listing Settings" application. Preferred listings are in tiered packages, e.g. 1 listing slot, 5 listing slots, etc.


Preferred Listing Priority Settings

"Preferred Listing (PL) Priority Settings" is only accessible if you have purchased preferred listing slots. You can only manage PL Priority with the number of Paid Slots you have, e.g. 5 listings, 10 listings etc.


  • Random Rotation (Default) -  Available slots will be used to select listings at random. Every 24 hours a new set of preferred listings will be selected.
  • Highest Priced Listings - Available slots will be used to select listings with the highest price.
  • Newest Listings - Available slots will be used to select newest listings.
  • Manual Mode - Manually determine which eligible listings will be marked as preferred.

If you have more unassigned slots than listings those slots will remain unassigned until further listings are added.

Preferred Listing Manager

Listings must be active in order to be preferred (includes sales pending). All eligible listings will be displayed in the "Preferred Listing Manager" as a listing card with a listing photo, price, MLS number, name, preferred star, and preferred listing slot icon with listing text to support whether the preferred slot is an owner, broker or agent slot.


  • Non-preferred listings eligible to be preferred will have a blank white star.
  • Preferred listings will have a gold star.

Listing selection will save automatically when you click the star to select/deselect as preferred. It may take 6-8 hours for your changes to be updated on While this icon is present, the listing is currently being synced.


You will be able to see which listings you have already preferred.


These preferred listings will have a gold star and gold border at the bottom of listing card, as well as text, icon and tool tip (?) with wording indicating it is a preferred listing. It's important to note that preferred listings receive a boost in the default relevance sort, so they tend to show towards the front end of searches for longer.

The Agent Preferred Listing product has a few other important benefits for agents.

It boosts where your agent profile shows in your coverage areas when visitors are doing an agent search, boosting your visibility in your active areas. Finally, all preferred listing lead inquiries are sent to the listing agent only, and no additional advertisement (like Local Connect) will show on preferred listings.

The Agent Preferred Listing product also allows you to manually add listings (including rentals) into your dashboard.

You can review how to manually add listings and how to edit existing listings here

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